Wall parameters

Main climbing wall

The main climbing hall covers an area of 60 m x 12.5 m and offers climbing lines from 11.5 to 22 m in length. It provides climbing in both inclined structured profiles and climbing in perpendicular and overhanging profiles. The overhang of the main sports profile “Grotta” reaches a respectable 8 m, the sports profile of the National Training Centre is 8.5 m and the routes in difficulty up to 9a are built by certified Czech and foreign builders of the ČHS / IFSC. In total, there are 125 belay lines on 2700 square metres of climbing area. At the end of the National Sports Centre there are two certified speed skating tracks including self-winding machines and a timing system. A total of 18 belay lines are covered with belay self-winders.

Bouldering wall

The bouldering wall with an area of 400 square meters and a height of 4.5 meters offers 90-110 colorful boulders in difficulty levels V0-V10.

Entrance rabbits

Another 9 climbing lines in a sloping profile and a total of 7 climbing lines for the smallest visitors can be found in front of the entrance to the main hall. The whole sector is also covered by two self-reeling vehicles on the traverses.

Teaching sector

The teaching sector called “Gallery” contains 10 lines in a perpendicular slightly structured profile designed mainly for teaching, the paths are covered with self-retracting lines. This part of the wall includes several belay stations for teaching the basics of skills necessary for moving in the natural rock terrain. The training sector also includes a simple polygon for learning how to perform high-rise work using rope technology.