Children’s rings II. Semester 2023/2024

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The children’s rings are designed for children who want to try climbing and get acquainted with the climbing movement, as well as for children who already know climbing, are dedicated to it and want to develop further. In cooperation with the Lokomotiva Brno Climbing Club, we implement the activities of training groups that are focused on the development of competitive forms of sport climbing and competitive climbing for youth with the support of the Statutory City of Brno and the NSA.

Children’s clubs are divided by age and mainly by skill and focus.

The main goal of the clubs for beginners and advanced climbers is not to educate top athletes, but to make your children have fun in an active way and climbing will become a game for them first and maybe eventually something more. For training groups, we are not concerned with achieving results in youth categories as quickly as possible, but above all with the healthy and balanced development of a set of movement skills for sport climbing and building the best possible prerequisites for results in junior and later senior categories.

If necessary, we have a separate teaching sector from the main climbing area. This gives the instructors a quiet and separate space for the children. For the development of sport climbing, our wall will have the space of a national sports centre for both difficulty and speed climbing from February 2021 in cooperation with the Czech Climbing Association.

For courses we also use a bouldering wall, which is adapted for climbing games, and of all the walls in Brno, we have thirteen new self-belayers, which make the climbing time of children as efficient as possible while ensuring maximum safety.

Courses for beginners are mainly focused on basic climbing movements and safety habits.

Advanced courses include, besides further development of climbing skills, the development of technical skills such as abseiling, basic rope technique and basic training.

For beginner and advanced courses, please contact Honza Hanák

The training courses are mainly focused on the development of climbing skills with an emphasis on proper training management, development of strength and mobility skills, but also appropriate compensatory exercises. Children assigned to the training group work in the mode of individual training plans for older 2012, training frameworks for younger 2012. Participation of children in the training group is supported by the budget of HO Lokomotiva Brno.

For consultation about fitness and training groups, please contact Radek Lienerth

Courses are led by instructors with teaching experience and education in climbing on artificial walls. Apart from their personal qualification including studies at the FSpS MU Brno, courses of the Ministry of Education and Science and coaching courses of the ČHS, they are continuously trained and consulted.

From autumn 2020 all children in our climbing clubs are members of the Czech Mountaineering Association and the Lokomotiva Brno Climbing Club.

– Children are covered by accident insurance as part of their activities (

– Children are active in organised sport, can be claimed as a bonus on secondary school applications

– For beginners, advanced and fitness climbing children have 1 piece of the team shirt in the course fee, for training groups the material will be chosen according to the agreement (probably light sweatshirt + shirt for boys/sweatshirt for girls)

– Children of all our clubs do not pay the entry fee for races organized by HO Lokomotiva Brno in the 2022/2023 season

– For training groups, the children have their entry fees paid from the club’s budget for the ČHS competitions (1. League, 2nd league and 3. league), the coach who participates in the competitions is paid from the budget of the club. The budget also covers a fitness coach and physiotherapy supervision (Friday training sessions – mandatory participation at least once every 14 days), additional Parkour or bouldering training on foreign walls. 1 x annual contribution of 600,- CZK for sports health check-up. For children is paid from the budget of the section of the ČHS racing license.