Introductory climbing course

The course is intended especially for those who are interested in climbing on an artificial climbing wall, but are worried about whether it matches their fitness or have no idea what climbing on an artificial wall can be about.

During the course you will learn the basics of climbing movement, you will try belaying and you will be able to better decide whether climbing is the right sport for you.

The price includes the conduct of the course by a properly trained and certified instructor, equipment rental(ROCK EMPIRE harnesses and hardware, LA SPORTIVA climbing shoes) and entry to the wall.

Location of the course: HUDY wall Brno

Course timetable: approx. 2 hours of climbing activities on the wall

Price of the course:

number of guests /price per personprice per person
2950,- CZK
3850,- CZK
discounted family courseTotal price
Family (2 adults + max.3 children)2690,- CZK

recommended group size is up to 2 people, 4 people is the absolute maximum

Method of payment: cash or bank transfer – 2052788329/0800; cannot be paid by card.

The course is led by a UIAGM / HMG mountain guide or a climbing instructor “climbing on the artificial wall of the Ministry of Education”.

The only condition for admission to the course is your willingness to try something new. No previous knowledge or experience of mountaineering is required.

Please contact us at least two days in advance to arrange an instructor.