Basic course of climbing on artificial wall

Course content: 4 lessons of 2 hours each

1) Basic climbing material for movement on an artificial climbing wall when belaying with a rope. Climbing movement on different profiles, technique and tactics of climbing movement. Basics of belaying TR, belay devices and their use (harness, rope, bucket). Pitching and foundation nodes, communication, partner check.
2) Rigging and belaying with HMS when using the top rope. Basic communication when climbing using the top rope. Climbing tactics when climbing longer routes, choice of approach. The problem of triggering via HMS. Practice belaying with a bucket.
3) Introduction to first ascent. Interlocking belay points, rope management, rope and climber position. Training using the upper belay. First solo climb as a first ascent.
4) Improvement of climbing in the first climber’s position, first climber’s tactics, leading in different profiles. Practice falling and catching a fall while belaying with a bucket.

After completing the course and passing the final examination, the participant is able to move independently on the artificial walls. He safely operates the bucket belay technique and is able to tie in safely and correctly. He has the basics of climbing technique and tactics for the need of an artificial climbing wall in the top rope climbing position and in the first ascent position.

The participant will receive a certificate of completion of the course and passing the examination.

Location of the course: HUDY climbing wall Brno

Course timetable: 8 teaching hours divided into 4 teaching sessions. The course will ideally run in two lessons per week. For closed groups and individual tuition, we place the course in daytime or evening sessions to suit your needs.

Price of the course: The price includes the conduct of the course by a duly trained and certified instructor, equipment rental(ROCK EMPIRE harnesses and hardware, LA SPORTIVA climbers), entry to the wall and the issue of a certificate of completion of the course. The price includes VAT. Price does not include insurance.

Method of payment: cash or bank transfer – 2052788329/0800; cannot be paid by card.

Please contact us at least two days in advance to arrange an instructor.

Number of guests / price per personPrice
15290,- CZK
23690,- CZK
33190,- CZK
42890,- CZK