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HUDY brings not only to Prague climbers a brand new space for fun! In the industrial premises of the former Karlin car factory, in the very heart of Prague, you will find a newly built, currently the largest bouldering arena in Prague – with generous space, modern facilities, and most importantly, hundreds of meters of awesome climbing.

On 1500 m2 of the completely renovated hall we have prepared for you more than 200 boulder problems on 739 m2 of climbing walls, a training corner with a campus, a separate warm-up room, separate children’s climbing and playground with obstacles, a pleasant environment and perfect facilities for parents of novice climbers.


The main bouldering wall offers 4 large sectors with 24 smaller sectors of 6-7 boulders each. With a wall height of 4.2 metres, the bouldering wall offers 655 square metres of climbing and more than 160 bouldering problems. You can look forward to climbing in slightly inclined profiles (the so-called “rajbas”), climbing in perpendicular and overhanging profiles, as well as a campus with ledges with an overhanging angle of up to 76 degrees. The overhang of the largest profile is an impressive 5.15 m. The individual boulder problems are colour coded from V0-V10.

Blue – lightest
Red – light
Orange – medium
Black – heavy
Green – extra heavy
Yellow – the hardest


In addition to the main bouldering wall, HUDY Boulder Karlín will offer a separate area for the smallest climbers. On the upper floor of the hall there is a children’s bouldering wall, which has more than 40 bouldering problems, often difficult even for the experienced. The children’s section also includes a playground with obstacles and a slide for those children who are still looking for a way to climb. The individual boulder problems are distinguished by colour in the range V0-V6.


The main bouldering wall also includes a separate room where you can warm up on the hard ground before climbing. The room has comfortable dimensions of 12 x 7 meters with adjustable lighting and daylight and offers plenty of space for group exercises, lessons or clubs. If the warm-up room is not used for a club or lesson, it is fully available to you.

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