Individual bouldering courses

In this course we will explain what bouldering is, explain its classification, teach you how to work with your body and use your center of gravity effectively. If you already have experience with climbing and want to improve, we will prepare lessons tailored to your needs (improving strength, technique, explosiveness or coordination). When making an enquiry, please specify what you expect from the course so that we are able to provide suitable instructors.


 5 lessons x 2 hours/1 person5 lessons x 2 hours/1 person
Individual4500,- CZK5500,- CZK
2 persons in the course3500,- CZK4500,- CZK
3 persons in the course3000,- CZK4000,- CZK
4 persons in the course2500,-CZK3000,- CZK
 10 lessons x 1 hour/1 person10 lessons x 1 hour/1 person
Individual5000,- CZK5800,- CZK
2 persons in the course4000,- CZK4500,- CZK
3 persons in the course3500,- CZK4000,- CZK
4 persons in the course3000,-CZK3400,- CZK

The price of the course includes admission to the wall, instructor’s services and rental of necessary equipment.
So there is no need to pay extra.


If you are interested in the course, you need to proceed as follows:

  1. Write an email to Courses @, put “Course Request – first and last name” in the subject line. In the message, write the desired dates and times of the lessons, your course goal and the number of people (ideally 5 weeks on the same day and time, however it can be customized).
  2. Wait for confirmation if we can secure an instructor.
  3. Write a reply to confirm. In the message, list the people enrolled in the course (client IDs, email addresses). At this point, each participant must already be registered in our system and have the required credit on each account according to the price list (credit can be topped up online or at the reception with cash or card).
    You can find the registration link on our website:
  4. A course will then be created in our system, in which you will be obligatorily enrolled and your
    emails will arrive confirming payment and registration for the course.
  5. Withdrawal from the entire course is no longer possible at this point. Changes and postponements of lessons are possible by prior individual agreement. On the website in the client overview (under the icon on the top right) you can see the registered lessons and their times.
  6. Before the first class, each client must have a chip assigned to their account. It can be purchased for a refundable deposit of 120 CZK.