Wall parameters

The main dome

The largest part of the climbing wall is on an area of 19 m x 13 m with climbing routes ranging from 15 to 21 metres. There are both vertical or easy climbing and overhanging climbing with a maximum overhang of 7 m. There are 45 climbing lines. For the longest profiles a 40 m rope is required. There is underfloor heating throughout.

Upper wall

The wall above the bar and changing rooms, which is not only for beginner climbers. The length of the paths is from 11 m to 13 m and the total length of the wall is 30 m. There is vertical climbing and slightly overhanging. There is also a crack and a chimney for a variety of climbing and training on real rock. Another “gadget” in this part is climbing on winches (self-insurance), for which you do not need belayers. There are 25 climbing lines plus 5 self-climbing winches.

Children’s wall

Above the bouldering there is a wall for our little ones. The vertical height is 6.5 m and the length is 20 m. There are 18 climbing lines and all of them are equipped with TopRope. The walls here are verticaly, slightly laid or partially overhanging. A lieback for variety. Next to the wall there is also a small house for children.

Children’s bouldering and Spray-Wall

It is located directly opposite the upper wall and below the children’s wall. It is therefore not “sewn” anywhere, but is an integral part of the climbing wall. Its length is 15 m and it is divided into 3 imaginary segments. The first is a classic Wall (Spray-Wall) with an inclination of 30 degrees. The second is an imaginary “stone” with verticaly and laid walls. The third segment is the “cave” where there are both verticaly walls and a 40 degree overhang. Not missing here structures or giant holds.

Bouldering hall

Part of the complex is a new modern bouldering hall with a total climbing area of 550m2, where is built approx. 130 boulders. Difficulty is indicated by colour for easy orientation. Blue and red – beginners. Orange and black – intermediate. Green and yellow – performance climbers. The entire hall is covered with a 30 cm thick landing pad and additional mats. The wall also includes a large Campusboard. Modern bouldering holds and a professional building team is a matter of course.

The total climbing area of the whole area is about 2 300m2

Changing rooms

There are separate changing rooms for men and women. There are lockers, showers and toilets. Before entering to the dressing rooms, change your shoes. The whole dressing rooms and subsequently the climbing area is already in slippers.