Operating Rules

Operator: HUDYsport Czech s.r.o., Pražská 21, Ústí nad Labem 40001 ID:27329763

The climbing wall operated by the operator (hereinafter referred to as “the wall”) is intended exclusively for training in the sport activity of free climbing (hereinafter referred to as “climbing”), for climbing training within the framework of physical education and for organizing competitions.

All visitors to the climbing wall are obliged to read and follow these operating rules. Visitors confirm their familiarity with these operating rules by signing the visitors’ book when they first arrive at the climbing wall. By signing, visitors confirm that they have read the climbing wall operating rules and the rules of conduct on the wall in detail and that they accept the rules contained therein and consider them binding.

Interpretation of terms:

Visitor: A visitor is any person who, during the operation of the climbing wall, either directly participates in his/her own free climbing or in the climbing of another person, or stays in the area of the wall.

Professional supervision (service): professional supervision may be carried out by a person designated by the operator.

First ascender: the climber who climbs at the first end of the rope, clips the rope into the carabiners of the progress belay and is belayed from below by a belayer.

Second climber: a climber who follows the first climber in the ascent and is belayed with rope from above.

Belayer: a person who performs belaying to prevent a climber from potentially falling.

Principles and rules for activities on the HUDY climbing wall and visitor obligations:

1. All visitors to the climbing wall acknowledge that they are performing the sport activity of free climbing at their own responsibility and risk and confirm that they are fully aware of all dangers arising from performing free climbing on the climbing walls. All visitors acknowledge that climbing and belaying is only permitted by the operator to persons who have been properly briefed and trained in climbing and belaying techniques and who can safely operate these techniques, including fall arrest.

2. Every visitor is obliged to evaluate his/her current health condition, physical capabilities, as well as his/her abilities and experience with free climbing, belaying and all techniques related to this activity before starting sport activities on the climbing wall. The operator recommends that persons who have no experience with these activities or are beginners should perform the sports activities only under the supervision of a professional instructor of the operator. The operator is not liable for injury to visitors’ health caused by overestimation of their own abilities or health condition.

3. The operator does not recommend the sport activities of free climbing on the climbing wall to persons with health problems, especially cardiological problems, heart diseases, pregnant women, etc.

4. Free climbing activity on the climbing wall is only allowed for persons who have paid the entry fee in advance. The visitor keeps the ticket for possible inspection by the operator. This ticket must be presented to the professional supervision – service at any time upon request. Visitors are strictly forbidden to enter the climbing wall area and to free climb under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances; the operator is entitled to refuse entry to the climbing wall to a person who is obviously under the influence of alcohol or addictive substances.

5. Every visitor over 15 years of age is obliged to sign the registration book when entering the climbing wall and confirm his/her familiarity with the operating rules by signing it. At the request of the operator resp. the person authorised by him/her (receptionist) is also obliged to prove his/her identity and age by presenting an identity document or other photo identification. The operator is entitled to enter the number and name of the document used to verify the identity and age of the visitor in the registration book. The operator is entitled to record and verify for its own use the consent of legal representatives for their children to engage in climbing activities on the climbing wall and the declaration of assumption of responsibility for a person under 18 years of age.

6. Persons under 15 years of age (hereinafter referred to as “children”) may only perform sport activities on the climbing wall and free climbing under the direct supervision of their legal guardian or another person over 18 years of age who assumes responsibility for them and confirms this fact to the operator in a written declaration. The child’s legal guardian, or the person who has assumed responsibility for the child by written declaration, is responsible for compliance with the rules of safe climbing and is responsible for their safety.

7. Persons over 15 years of age and under 18 years of age (hereinafter referred to as “minors”) may perform sports activities on the climbing wall and free climbing independently only if they submit to the operator a written consent of a legal guardian, in which the legal guardian states that he/she agrees to the independent performance of sports activities of his/her child on the climbing wall and that he/she assumes full responsibility for him/her. Otherwise, minors may only perform sports activities and free climbing on the climbing wall when accompanied by a person over 18 years of age who takes responsibility for them and confirms this fact to the operator by written declaration.

8. If the visitor has any doubts about his climbing skills, it is his duty to ask the operator for an initial briefing, which will be provided by the operator’s professional supervision (service) at his request.

9. Every visitor is obliged to obey the instructions of the professional supervision – service of the operator at any time. Visitors have the opportunity to rent high-quality, safe and fully functional sports equipment designed by the manufacturer for free climbing activities at the climbing wall and are obliged to use this equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use and recommendations of the professional supervision – service. The operator is not responsible for the technical condition of the visitor’s own equipment.

10. Every visitor is obliged to observe the following basic principles and rules of safe free climbing and sport activities on the climbing wall:

– observe the principles of safe free climbing. The visitor is obliged to tie himself to the belay rope before climbing with a knot according to the UIAA standards – leader’s knot – opposite figure of eight. It is forbidden to tie to the rope with a carabiner and dragon loop.

– when climbing, be sure to belay safely. Solo climbing is completely forbidden. So-called. bouldering (solo climbing without rope attachment) is permitted by the operator only on the bouldering wall, under which a landing is installed,

– it is forbidden to skip belay points when climbing, the visitor is obliged to switch on the belay point at the latest at the level of his/her passport,

– it is forbidden to use a rope shorter than 40m

– it is forbidden to use an axis for securing

– it is forbidden to deviate from the line of the chosen route during the ascent if this would in any way restrict other climbers on the wall. It is forbidden for two or more climbers to climb simultaneously on one climbing line. It is strictly forbidden to belay two climbers at the same time in the same carabiner of the progression and end belay,

– the second climber is obliged to climb on a rope that is led through the progressive belays, which must be unfastened during the climb and end the climb at the point where it will be belayed through at least two progressive or end belays,

– the belayer is obliged to pay attention to the belay activity with continuous attention throughout the ascent and descent (lowering) of the belayed person, he is obliged to loosen or tighten the rope in such a way as to minimize the length of the possible fall of the belayed person, he is obliged to catch the fall of the belayed person so as not to injure the first climber or other visitors or third parties, or to prevent damage to the wall, the belay procedure or other climbing aids.

– it is forbidden to catch up in the belay point, practice building, etc. The lowering of the protected person must be carried out smoothly and in such a way that other visitors or persons moving in the wall area are not endangered,

– it is forbidden to stay in the area below the wall unless it is a person who is climbing or belaying another person,

– it is forbidden to modify existing paths, this is only possible with the prior approval of the professional supervision (service),

– each visitor is obliged to report to the professional supervision – service immediately any technical defects found on the climbing wall, including loose holds, belay devices and to warn another visitor who intends to enter the disturbed route,

– each visitor is obliged to behave in such a way as not to endanger or restrict other visitors, in the event of an accident, he/she is obliged to provide first aid to the injured person and to immediately call a doctor or a professional supervisor who will call him/her.

– professional supervision – the service has a first aid kit, the professional supervision is obliged to record the accident in the accident book, including the details of any witnesses to the accident.

– any visitor who finds a violation of the principles of safe climbing and sporting activities in the climbing arena is obliged to warn the violating person of the obligation to comply with the safety rules, in the event that this warning does not lead to correction, he is obliged to warn the professional supervision – service.

– disproportionately long falls ( for “effect” ) are not allowed

– follow the instructions given in the climbing wall area (especially checking the length of the ropes, observing the prohibitions of entry, using the self-locking brake, etc.)

– Parents are responsible for their children throughout their visit to the climbing arena

– each visitor is responsible for his/her climbing material (harness, rope, belay device, etc.)

11. Every visitor is also obliged to keep all areas of the climbing wall clean and tidy. He/she is obliged to observe the principles of fire prevention and to familiarize himself/herself with the Fire Alarm Directive posted in the climbing wall.

12. It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol, smoke or consume other addictive substances in the climbing wall

13. Business activities in the whole area of the climbing wall are allowed only with the consent of the climbing wall operator.

14. The operator or the operator’s professional supervision (service) is entitled to expel a person who violates the provisions of these operating rules or the rules of safe free climbing on the climbing wall from the climbing wall at any time, without the right to a refund of the paid admission fee. The operator reserves the right to refuse entry to a person who has repeatedly violated the operating regulations or the rules of safe free climbing in the climbing arena.

15. Visitors acknowledge and are advised that the climbing wall is monitored by industrial security cameras during operating hours in order to check compliance with the operating regulations and rules of safe free climbing on the climbing wall by visitors and to protect the safety of visitors and other persons. The operator guarantees that it will keep the footage from the industrial camera only for the necessary time allowed by law and will use it exclusively for its own purposes. The operator guarantees the protection of personal data and visitor data.

16. By signing the visitors’ book, the visitors express their consent to the operator processing the personal data provided by them in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data, as amended, for the purpose specified by the operator for the time necessary to achieve this purpose.

17. These operating rules are issued by the operator and are valid and binding for all visitors to the climbing wall from the date of their publication. These operating rules are published by the operator on the operator’s website and are also visibly displayed in the reception area – the entrance to the climbing wall and also in the climbing wall so that every visitor has the opportunity to get acquainted with them. These operating rules are also an integral part of the visitor’s book of the climbing wall and each visitor confirms that he/she has read them or had the opportunity to read them by signing the visitor’s book at least during the first visit to the climbing wall.

18. The Operator reserves the right to amend and update these Operating Rules at any time.

In Ústí nad Labem on 1. March 2013

Operator: HUDYsport Czech s.r.o.